Tree Cutting Services

We offer a variety of tree cutting services in Cheshire and Manchester to suit different customer requirements. No tree is the same, and sometimes a tree requires a combination of services. Give us a call if you aren’t sure which service you think you require, we would be happy to offer a personal assessment.

Tree Cutting Services, also known as Tree Pruning, are at the heart of what we do here at Hassell Tree and Ground Maintenance. Whilst our versatility allows us to provide a whole host of tree surgeon services in Knutsford associated with tree cutting, it is our years of tree knowledge, bread into us over the last 40 years, that allows us to offer a tree cutting service in Cheshire in a safe, reliable and professional manner.

Types of Tree Cutting Services we offer

Tree Felling

 Tree felling, or tree removal, is simply chopping a tree right down to its stump. This is generally done safely and professionally by starting at the top, and removing the body of the tree, chunk by chunk, until only stump remains. Tree cutting safety and doing this job properly is paramount here as consequences of incorrect felling could result in serious injury or damage.

Crown Thinning

Tree Crown Thinning is the removal of smaller/thinner branches, mainly on the outer areas of the crown, to significantly reduce the tree weight. Tree Crown thinning allows light to navigate more through the tree and also allows fresh air to circulate more through the tree crown, however the general shape of the tree itself doesn’t alter..

Crown Reduction

 Like a sort of ‘tree haircut’, Tree Crown Reduction is a reduction in the whole size of the tree, reducing surface area. Tree Crown Reduction again reduces shading to allow more light through, and allowing the tree to suit better into its environment.

Crown Lifting

Tree Crown Lifting is a focus on removing the lower branches of the specified tree. This creates accessible space where needed, increases lighting levels and also makes trees look, a lot more tidy.

Tree Cutting Services with Hassell Tree and Ground Maintenance

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07930 600 808 or  Get in touch with us today if you require any sort of tree cutting service. Hassell Tree and Ground maintenance pride ourselves on our honest approach and hard work ethic. Plus we have over 40 years of establishment, meaning there isn’t much we do not know about the tree cutting industry! We would be more than happy to advise you on what the best approach is for your specific job.

What our customers say...

An amazing professional and efficient job done. Highly recommend John and the lads. Removed large Conifer Tree, hedges all down side of my garden and fenced it all to high standard. We are Thrilled with the work. Left no mess at all. Thanks to them all. I will be certainly recommending and having again for future jobs.

Karen Kildunne

Knutsford, Cheshire

Not just your local tree cutting service…

We offer an array of Service

In addition to our tree cutting services, our team can provide other services related to tree care such as tree stump removal,  tree planting services and hedge trimming services.

Garden Services

We also provide various services that can keep your garden in tip top shape. We have regular customers who use our lawn mowing service, our garden maintenance, our soft land scaling, hedge trimming and much more.

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Honest Recommendations

Our Cheshire tree surgeons are experienced professionals who will assess your tree’s condition before providing any recommendations. We cover most areas of Cheshire, Manchester & Trafford.

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