Looking to price up a tree felling job and wish to know the tree stump removal cost? Have you managed to cut the tree down yourself and just the stump remains to finish the job? Or are you wondering whether you can get a price for tree felling and tree stump removal as a package? 

There is no ‘one size fits all’ policy here. With over 40 years in the tree surgery game, and as your local tree surgeons, Hassell & Sons are able to provide a full explanation as to how much a tree stump removal costs in 2023… please read on to find out more.

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Tree Stump Removal Cost Brief

Tree stump removal is a specialist service that Hassell and Sons along with other tree specialists offer, to remove the remaining tree stump and roots from a tree, either after the tree has just been felled, or if the tree was felled a while ago and space needs to be made for extra garden works such as creating a flowerbed, lawn area or even a new path/driveway. Specialist tree surgeon machinery such as the stump grinder is used during the tree stump removal process and the actual tree stump removal cost depends on the size of the tree stump in question, amongst other influences, explained here..

Factors that influence tree stump removal cost

The smaller the stump the lower the price…

Generally speaking, the smaller the tree stump, the lower the tree stump removal cost. This is due to it taking less time for the job to complete.  Below is a rough guide as to what you’d be expected to pay for your tree stump removal. At Hassell & Sons, we pride ourselves on offering honest, competitive prices in Cheshire, Manchester and the surrounding areas of the north west, and whilst we cannot provide an exact quote without first assessing the job, we can give you rough industry tree stump removal cost guidelines as to what you may be expected to pay for your tree stump removal.

Smaller Tree Stumps

If you require quite a small tree stump to be removed from  the grounds of your property, depending on other factors which are mentioned below, but you can expect the stump to be removed from as little as £60. This is a ball-park figure and an exact quote will need to be made by our professional tree stump grinders.

Medium Sized Tree Stumps

If your tree stump is relatively medium sized, depending on other considerations, you can expect to pay a little more than the smaller tree stump removal cost price. Again, every job is bespoke, but expect to be paying an estimated figure of around £100.

Larger Tree Stumps

A larger tree stump costs the most price ordinarily, as they take longer to fulfil each job. You can expect to be paying over £150 for some large tree stump removal jobs where the tree stumps are exceptionally wide in diameter. Once more, please contact us for an exact quote, as we cannot guarantee tree sump removal costs without more knowledge of said stump.

Tree Stump Access

Accessibility to the tree stump in question can also have an effect on the tree stump removal cost. The easier it is to access the proposed stump, the less we are able to charge for you tree stump removal.

For example if there is a tree stump on your front lawn and there are no boundaries to overcome in reaching said stump, this would allow us to provide you with a cheaper price to remove the stump. However, imagine there was a small drain running through a woodland, and the tree roots above the drain were causing structural damage to the pipes themselves, so the job was that the trees, stumps and roots had to be removed to avoid more structural damage to the drains. The access here could potentially be tricky. Where road access is nil and more trees and brambles needed to be cut back in order to fit our “Bandit” on top of the stumps themselves; this would increase the cost to removal the tree stump as the job now becomes more time consuming and therefore costly. We would need to potentially hire extra machinery for this type of job.

How many tree stumps need to be removed

Included in the tree stump removal cost, is the travel times and costs it takes to arrive on site. If there are multiple tree stumps at a single location, and we only need to accommodate one trip to where several tree stumps reside, then we are able to lower our charge per each tree stump removal. Economies of scale allow us to offer a cheaper overall price for your tree stump removal cost.

Type and condition of wood

Softwood stump jobs such as larch, pine or spruce, can usually be completed in a quicker timeframe and can therefore allow us to charge considerably less to remove each stump. On the other hand, your hardwood stumps such as birch, beech or ash, normally take longer to remove due to wood density and we may have to charge a fuller price for these types of stumps.

Tree stump removal cost may also depend on the condition of these woods, believe it or not. If a tree is been dead a while, then its most likely the stump and roots will be more brittle than a healthy, freshly cut tree with water and nutrition still present in roots. This effects the time it takes to remove stumps and therefore the tree stump removal cost. 

Is tree stump removal cost included in the full tree felling price?

Generally speaking, tree specialists such as ourselves offer two separate prices for tree felling, and then for stump removal. This is because they are two completely different operations that demand different machinery and a different set of skills. We also get many customers of whom have managed to fell trees themselves, and just need the stump/roots removing in order to complete the job, so consumer demand is different.

Having said this, if you have enough work for us to carry out, and plenty of trees to be felled, then is would always be worth speaking with us, to see if we can accommodate putting together your bespoke quote with a full round price, rather than an itemised one. Please get in touch if you feel this option may fit in with your requirements. 

Tree Stump Removal Cost with Hassell & Sons

As you can see, there are various factors that are considered when pricing up a tree stump removal job, and the best way to get a true quote would be to call us directly. As a local family business, our priorities lie a lot more with our customers than say larger corporations of whom pay close attention to increasing numbers, and so you can be rest assured that our tree stump removal charges will be just about the best value for money around.

Hassell and Sons also offer various tree cutting services, along with Landscape Garden maintenance packages that keep on top of your garden. Even if you do not need these services, there is not much we do not know in 40 years of withing with trees, shrubs and  gardens. We can offer you professional advice and answer any questions you may have, no matter how tricky. Whether you need our tree stump removal Cheshire Service, our tree stump removal Manchester Service, or any other enquiry, just get in touch with us today and a member of our friendly team can give you a call, we will be happy to help!

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