tree surgeon cutting down a tree in Cheshire

Tree Removal and Replace, Bowdon Vale

Location: Bowdon Vale, Cheshire

Tree Species: London Plane, Ornamental Pear and Cherry

Tree Height: Approximately 30 feet


We were commissioned to address a tree-related issue in Bowdon Vale. The project involved the removal of London Plane trees, the subsequent stump removal, and the thoughtful replacement of these trees with Ornamental Pear and Cherry Trees that better suited the aesthetic and environmental needs of the area.


Before embarking on this comprehensive project, We conducted a detailed site assessment and engaged with local authorities to ensure compliance with regulations. The team developed a strategic plan to safely and efficiently remove the existing London Plane trees, extract their stumps, and introduce new trees to enhance the Bowdon Vale landscape.

man removing a tree in Bowdon Vale

Tree Removal

The first phase of the project involved the careful removal of London Plane trees that had grown beyond their prime and were no longer suitable for the area. The removal process was conducted by certified arborists using industry-standard equipment and techniques to minimize any impact on the surroundings.

Stump Removal

Following the successful tree removal, the team turned their attention to stump removal. Utilising specialised stump grinding equipment, we efficiently ground down the stumps, ensuring complete removal. This step was crucial to free up space for new tree planting and prevent potential hazards.

tree stump removal Bowdon vale
new trees planted in Bowdon Vale

Tree Replacement

With the old trees and stumps removed, Hassell and Sons introduced a selection of Ornamental Pear and Cherry Trees, chosen for their suitability to the local climate and aesthetic appeal. These trees were strategically planted to enhance the visual appeal of the area while contributing positively to the local ecosystem.

Maintenance and Care

After the new trees were planted, we implemented a comprehensive maintenance plan, including regular pruning, watering, and disease prevention measures. This ongoing care ensured the health and vitality of the newly introduced trees, allowing them to thrive and contribute to the beauty of Bowdon Vale.

planted trees and a tidy area


This project in Bowdon Vale demonstrated our commitment to enhancing the local environment by removing aging and unsuitable trees, grinding down the stumps, and replacing them with vibrant, well-suited Ornamental Pear and Cherry Trees. This transformation not only improved the aesthetics of the area but also contributed to the long-term health and sustainability of the local ecosystem. Ou expertise in arboriculture, coupled with our dedication to environmental responsibility, resulted in a successful and visually pleasing outcome for Bowdon Vale

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