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Soft Landscape Job, Cheshire

Location: Northwich, Cheshire

Job Specifics: Raised Flower bed and Turfing

Time taken: 2 Days


At a residential address in Northwich, Cheshire, a customer sought to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of their outdoor spaces. The project aimed to create a raised flower bed, plant suitable trees, level the terrain, and lay turf to transform the area into an inviting and harmonious landscape.


Before commencing the soft landscaping project, our team at visited the property and conducted a comprehensive site analysis. This included soil testing, assessing drainage conditions, obtaining a clear understanding of the site’s characteristics and the client’s vision. We developed a detailed plan to achieve the desired transformation.

soft landscaping job northwich

Raised Flowerbed Creation

The first phase involved constructing a raised flower bed to serve around the perimeter of the landscape. Using high-quality retaining materials, our team meticulously designed and built the raised bed, incorporating elements such as flower-friendly soil, proper drainage, and decorative edging to enhance both the visual appeal and the functionality of the space.

Tree Planting

Next, we selected and planted appropriate trees to provide shade, create a sense of tranquility, and contribute to the overall beauty of the area. Care was taken to ensure the trees were suited to the local climate and soil conditions, promoting their long-term health and vitality.

tree on a flowerbed
ground levelling job

Ground Levelling

After the flower bed and tree planting, we turned our attention to leveling the middle terrain. This step involved grading the land to create a smooth and even surface. Proper grading not only improved aesthetics but also facilitated efficient drainage and minimised water pooling issues.

Turf Laying

To complete the transformation, we carefully installed high-quality turf to cover the leveled ground. Meticulous care was taken during the turf installation process to ensure uniformity and promote healthy grass growth. The lush, green turf added a vibrant and inviting element to the landscape.



The soft landscaping project in Northwich, Cheshire, successfully met the objectives of enhancing the outdoor spaces within the Northwich property. By creating a raised flower bed, planting suitable trees, leveling the terrain, and installing fresh turf, we transformed the area into an attractive and functional outdoor environment. The project not only improved the aesthetics of the space but also promoted environmental sustainability by selecting appropriate trees and ensuring proper soil preparation. The result was a harmonious and inviting landscape that the residents can enjoy for years to come, reflecting our commitment to quality soft landscaping services.

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