Tree Planting Services in Cheshire

At Hassell Tree and Grounds Maintenance, we provide comprehensive tree planting services for residential, commercial and industrial clients. We understand that growing a healthy, vibrant tree requires special care and attention, and we are proud to offer our customers the highest quality planting services in the industry.



From Laurels to Leylandii, Buxus to Beech, we are able to source, supply and plant trees at competitive prices to ensure you get great value for money.



An Expert Tree Planting Services you can trust



We use only top-of-the-line tools and equipment while working on your garden; these tools are specifically designed to minimize disturbance to your soil while ensuring maximum root growth potential. Before any work is started, our team inspects your area for existing underground utilities so that we can avoid damaging them during the planting process. If necessary, we also conduct soil testing to determine water drainage rates and other factors that could affect plant health.



We are professionals, who care about the environment

Our Tree Planting Services focus on combining skillful craftsmanship with environmental awareness; this means that we guarantee results without sacrificing sustainability in the process. Our experienced technicians will ensure that each plant is carefully placed within its environment so as not to disrupt or damage natural life cycles within the yard or property line. Furthermore, most of our materials are sourced from local suppliers whenever possible which helps reduce transportation emissions associated with long haul deliveries from out of state providers.




It’s not just tree planting services we offer…

In addition to providing expert tree planting services, Tree Planting Services also offers ongoing garden services such as garden maintenance programs tailored to your needs – be it pruning, fertilisation, mulching or even deadwood removal – Hassell Tree and Grounds Maintenance has you covered! We believe in creating beautiful outdoor spaces by providing reliable year-round services that keep your garden looking its best throughout every season. Please get in touch with any tree planting or other garden maintenance queries – we would be happy to help!