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Rigging Down in Bowdon

Location: Bowdon, Cheshire

Tree Species: Cedar Tree (Cedrus spp.)

Tree Height: Approximately 100 feet


A homeowner in Bowdon, Cheshire, contacted Hassell and Sons to address concerns about a towering cedar tree on his property. The tree had reached an impressive height of 100 feet but had started showing signs of deterioration, posing potential risks to the surrounding area. The objective was to safely and efficiently fell the cedar tree while ensuring minimal disruption to the property and landscape.


Prior to commencing the tree felling operation, our team conducted a thorough assessment of the cedar tree’s condition. This assessment involved evaluating the tree’s health, identifying any potential hazards, and determining the optimal direction for the tree to fall safely.

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Climbing and Rigging

One of our certified tree surgeons, equipped with climbing gear and ropes, ascended the cedar tree to perform the initial cuts. The climber ensured that safety lines and rigging were in place to control the direction of the fall.

Selective Branch Removal

The tree surgeon began by removing smaller branches from the upper canopy. This was done using a systematic approach, starting from the top and working downward. These branches were lowered to the ground using rigging equipment to minimize the risk of damage.

tree surgeon during job
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Top Section Removal

After the upper canopy branches were removed, the tree surgeon carefully made an initial notch cut followed by a back cut to create a controlled hinge. This allowed for precise directional control when the top section of the cedar tree was felled.

Felling the Main Trunk

With the top section safely on the ground, the tree surgeon proceeded to cut the main trunk of the cedar tree. The felling cut was made in the direction previously determined during the assessment to ensure the tree fell away from structures and obstacles.

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The successful felling of the 100-foot cedar tree in Bowdon, Cheshire, was achieved through meticulous planning, adherence to safety protocols, and the expertise of our certified tree surgeon. The operation was completed without incident, ensuring the safety of the property and surrounding area. The processed wood and debris were responsibly managed, with wood chips suitable for landscaping and logs available for potential use

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