There are many questions surrounding DIY tree felling such as – Can I cut a tree down in my garden without any penalisation?  Or Can I cut a tree down in my garden so that it wont grow back? And even Can I cut a tree down in my garden to save on tree surgeon costs?

As expert tree fellers, we aim to cover some ground on a few of these questions, so you can feel comfortable you are making the right decision when it comes to chopping down your own trees. Please read on to find out more, or if you are still stuck, by all means give us a call and as your friendly local tree surgeons, we can offer you the best advice on how to tackle your tree cutting issue.

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Can I cut a tree down in my own garden legally?

Do you need planning permission to cut a tree down yourself? The answer is it depends. According to the Forestry commission in England, you are permitted to cut a tree down in your own garden unless of the following occurrences:-

  • The tree is protected by a tree preservation order
  • The tree, and your garden is located within a designated conservation area.
  • You live in a rented property, in which you would need your landlords permission

If you wish to cut a tree down that is under either the tree prevention order or a designated conservation area, you will need to obtain permission from your local authority.

If your neighbour has a tree in their garden that has overhanging branches into your property, you are legally allowed to prune the overhanging branches as they reach into your land. However, word of warning, any damage or injury caused to neighbours as a result of …..

Can you cut a tree down that isn’t in your garden?

You are legally allowed to cut a tree down outside your property only if it is less than or equal to 5 cubic metres by volume. To fell any trees above this size you will need a felling license.

Can I cut a tree down in my garden to save on tree surgeon costs?

In modern times, households can look to save a few quid where they can, and if you have a tree that is intrusive, it may be worth looking at attempting to fell or prune a tree yourself. There are several safety factors to consider if you are considering this option.

Your personal health and capabilities

Professional tree surgeons are trained in specialist techniques that reduce risks of serious injury, whether it be repetitive strain or skin piercing accidents. Also professionals such as us at Hassell and Sons undergo regular health checks to make sure we are capable of the job, such as eye tests. If someone wishes to cut a tree down and they aren’t currently in the best of health, additionally if one has little experience in manual work, it can become extensively harder to complete the job safely.

Access to the right tools

At its most basic form, it is harder to cut a tree with a blunt blade. It doesn’t take long for saws, especially chainsaws to blunt and make a job a lot harder. Cutting several branches in one tree felling job tend to blunt saws relatively fast, and to reduce risk regular blade sharpening or tool changes may need to take place.

Furthermore there is a lot of safety equipment that have been known to save limbs and lives when operating cutting tools, from safety boots, to harnesses, to vision guards.

Sometimes, heavy machinery will need to be used such as stump grinders, to get the job done at all. Alternatives to using a stump grinder might involve a lot of digging!

Access to the areas you need to cut.

If you are pruning, or felling a larger tree, you may need to work from height. Moreover, if your tree overhangs a public pathway, a garage, or another potentially delicate area such as a pond or a conservatory, a lack in professional experience and equipment may hinder your chances of completing the job safely. Most of these jobs would require a team of at least 2 or 3 able bodies, let alone external equipment that even your local tree surgeon would not necessarily stock, for example cherry pickers.

Size of the tree

If you have a small tree you need to remove, the chances are you will be able to remove it successfully down to the stump without too much work or time consumed. However the larger the tree, the larger job, and so safety, access, professional tools and time can all potentially become more of a burden. A larger tree may need a more skilled operative who can demonstrate specialist techniques that allow for time efficiencies and avoids injuries.

Can I cut a tree down in my garden, so it is completely removed?

If all the above safety considerations have been met, and you feel comfortable you are able to fell said tree in your own garden, you may be left with the tree stump. Whilst this may take away the possibility of the tree ever growing back, if you are planning on returfing, or any sort of landscaping work, the chances are you will need your tree stump removing. 

To remove your tree stump, and the underlying roots, you will most likely need professional help, from a tree surgeon company that has the necessary equipment such as a stump grinder. Hassell and Sons can offer a tree stump removal service to help you with this.

Tree services with Hassell and Sons

At Hassell and Sons Tree & Ground maintenance, we offer independent tree services in Cheshire, Manchester and all surrounding areas. 

If you need a professional tree surgeon in Cheshire or Manchester with specialist knowledge, the correct tools such as stump grinders, and all relevant qualifications and licenses, then please don’t hesitate to reach out, to our specialist team.

We have been the go to tree specialists in Cheshire and Manchester for over 40 years now, and our small business family values of trust, reliable and competitive still form the basis of our work. We can offer honest advice, pricing and results.

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